5 stage parts washer cleaning

You might be researching companies to help you clean your 5 stage parts washer.

"The parts washer

“Many of our clients have to prepare parts for paint or a corrosion protection, but before that begins the parts go through a pre-treatment or multi-stage washer system,” shares Derrick Lancour, Advanced Waste Services Results Delivery Specialist. (Photo Credit: Wiki commons / Tecnowey)

The problem you might have is multiple areas that need to be cleaned including the walk-in washer, the washer pit and the tanks.

This requires a team experienced in:

  • permitted confined space entry
  • operating a high pressure water blaster inside an expensive walk-in washer
  • a fleet of vacuum trucks to transport 20,000 gallons or more of wash water off-site for disposal or water reclamation and
  • a state of the art wastewater treatment facility to eliminate the liabilities of improper treatment or mishandling of your generated waste.

So here’s some specific reasons why you should hire Advanced Waste Services to clean your multi-stage washer.

Experience in Confined Space Entry

The problems you don’t want are confined space entry violations and a team that is inadequately trained or doesn’t understand the attention to detail required for cleaning an industrial washer.

  • Our clients don’t experience these problems because we are accustomed to permitted confined space entry. For over 20 years we’ve performed more than 2500 confined space entries.
  • We also have all the training, PPE and Confined Space Entry and Rescue equipment necessary to comply with OSHA.  (We’ll also review your site-specific requirements to ensure compliance.)
  • An industrial washer cleaning is one of the most complex confined space cleaning projects at your facility.  Unlike a tank, everything can’t be water blasted.  Different areas require different water pressures to avoid damage. Nozzles need to be careful removed, cleaning and re-installed later.

Our crews are very familiar with the life threatening conditions that exist in CSE and have extensive training and use of respirators, proper chemical suits and supplied air. All of which may or may not be necessary to clean your walk-in washer, washer pit or tanks.

Operating a high-pressure water blaster in a 5 stage washer, pit and tanks.

The goal of cleaning an industrial washer is remove the grime and hardness deposits of the upper enclosure.  Sometimes the project also requires cleaning the drain covers and shoveling any chunks of debris and sludge.  It’s possible sludge from the pit will have to be removed and the tanks will have to be pumped empty.

Water Blaster for Industrial Washer Cleaning

But the hardest part about choosing a company to meet these goals is making sure the team is efficient, doesn’t damage your industrial washer and can report daily progress to you.  Here’s 3 points how we achieve each of these:

  • The problems with using a water blaster are operator fatigue, generating too much steam and heat, using too much pressure and using the wrong gun tips.  All of these will result in decreased efficiency and pro-long a project deadline.  But since we own our equipment and provide thorough training, we are experts with it. 
  • This expertise has given us the insight to rotate our crew to avoid fatigue, operate the water blaster with limited steam, get the pressure just right and use the most effective gun tips for sludge and grime build-up. This means completing the project on-time and within budget.
  • Cleaning an industrial washer might require more than a day to complete. Before we leave we’ll provide an update as to what we accomplished that day, our goal for the next day and any issues that may cause a delay.  Our goal is to eliminate the surprises and achieve the desired result.

Fleet of high powered vacuum trucks

The problem with confined space entry projects and needing vacuum truck services are you don’t always get the same company onsite.

This means you have to project manage two different companies. Company A to clean your industrial washer and Company B to vacuum the sludge and pump the tanks. Furthermore, you might also have to contract with Company C for wastewater treatment. Wouldn’t it be easier to have one company do all of this?

Liquid Waste Haulers

We avoid that problem for our clients by offering a complete solution. In addition to the confined space entry 5 stage washer cleaning project, we’ll also provide all the Advanced Waste Services vacuum trucks for pumping the washer pits and washer tanks.

But what about manifesting the waste and transporting to a wastewater treatment plant for reclamation or disposal? Do you need another contractor for that too?

State of the art wastewater treatment facility

Your last problem is finding a wastewater treatment facility to process the industrial washer water and dispose of the sludge from the pit.

The good news is Advanced Waste Services has non-hazardous wastewater treatment facilities across the midwest. Last year we reclaimed over 70 million gallons of water at our facilities. Locations are in Cedar Rapids, IA, Milwaukee, WI, Portage, IN and New Castle, PA.  All our sites also have a solidification pit where we prepare sludges for proper landfill disposal.

Advanced Waste Services is your partner from start to finish for your industrial washer cleaning project.  We’ll effectively clean your 5 stage washer, quickly remove and transport sludge and wastewater from your pits and tanks and efficiently dispose your sludges and recycle your wastewater.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services 5 stage parts washer cleaning services visit our website or call us at 800-842-9792.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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