The Best Kept Secret in Business Insurance

When Advanced Waste Services, Inc. (AWS) says that it manages waste and risk of all kinds, we mean it and we prove it.  With that in mind, I would like to share with you a unique opportunity to improve the safety performance of your company AND substantially reduce the financial burden associated with the high (and increasing) cost of workmen’s compensation, automotive, and general liability insurance premiums.

"If the costs of workmen's compensation, automotive and general liability insurance premiums the Raffles organization might be able to help you. It did for us," shares Bill Christel AWS VP of EHS/HR.

“If the rising costs of workmen’s compensation, automotive and general liability insurance premiums is a problem for you, the Raffles organization might be able to help. It did for us,” shares Bill Christel AWS VP of EHS/HR.

Through an informational invitation just like this one, in 2008, AWS joined the Raffles Insurance, Ltd. Raffles was created from the need of businesses to get adequate insurance coverage at affordable rates. The original members of Raffles perceived that the commercial insurance industry was not providing this basic commercial necessity. Through numerous meetings, consisting primarily of members of the Young Presidents Organization, nine companies formed Raffles in 1984.  Today, membership stands at over 300 companies, and through targeted recruitment efforts, has become the largest heterogeneous private insurance captive in the United States.

The mission of Raffles Insurance Ltd. is quite simple and true: Provide the highest quality insurance protection for its non-related shareholders. By bonding together to create true sharing of risk, the shareholders can control their insurance costs rather than being subject to the volatility of the general insurance industry.  Additional benefits are created through increased assurance of coverage, the stabilizing of premiums, and the mandatory improvement of risk management systems.

To meet the membership criteria, only those service organizations that can meet the highest standards of excellence shall be associated with Raffles.

Essential Membership Criteria:

  1. Management Commitment to Safety
  2. Financially Strong Company
  3. Loss Experience Significantly Better than Average for Industry
  4. Ownership/Business Philosophy Compatible with Raffles Group
  5. Minimum Casualty Premium of $150,000

If you believe that our $1 million dollar savings story could become your story as well, AWS would love to further educate you on the robust benefits of Raffles membership.  If you know your company meets the criteria, please contact me as soon as possible.   Our ESH leadership team would be delighted to steer you towards the application process.


Bill Christel, AWS Vice President of ESH/HR


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