Chemical Waste Disposal

If you are searching for chemical waste disposal you might be an industrial manufacturer, a school, a laboratory or maybe even a real estate broker trying to get rid of the chemicals in a property you want to sell.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Get Rid of It Program

“Chemical waste disposal isn’t limited to industrial manufacturing, just about every commercial entity has chemical waste that needs to be properly disposed of,” KC Wulf, Director of GRIP Operations.

The problem is finding a company that will ensure you comply with all the local, state and federal regulations for hazardous waste disposal.  The other problem is you might not even know what chemicals you have or how to start the disposal process.

So we created GRIP short for Get Rid of It Program, to solve this problem and make chemical disposal easy and simple.

What is a Get Rid of It Program aka GRIP?

GRIP can be whatever you need it to be.  Maybe you have old, or off spec materials you want to get rid of.  Maybe you just acquired a building and found a storage room full of drums, totes and random chemicals you need to get rid of.

How do you Get Rid of It? 

We designed our GRIP program similar to a labpack more extensive so that anything, any size, any amount – can be  quickly and properly disposed or recycled, including non-hazardous, hazardous waste and universal and electronic waste.

We do all the work including inventory of the old chemicals or waste for disposal, complete the waste profiles, prepare for transportation and create the waste manifests. Because we transport, dispose and recycle waste we include onsite EPA and DOT paperwork. This is a huge time savings for our clients and eliminates the liabilities and financial costs of mislabeled waste materials.

Chemical Waste Disposal EPA Paperwork

“The GRIP program was designed to eliminate the wastes and risks of chemical waste disposal. By taking a complex problem for our clients, and making it very simple,” shares Mike Altmayer, AWS Midwest EH&S Manager.

What are common wastes and materials for GRIP?

  • Flammables (liquids and solids), Corrosives (acids and bases) and Aerosols and cylinders.
  • Toxic Materials ( pesticides, herbicides), Oxidizers and organic peroxides and Asbestos materials.
  • PCBs (liquids and solids), Coolants and oils and Universal waste (batteries, fluorescent bulbs).
  • Mercury (all types), Laboratory waste (all types), Paints (oil base or latex).
  • Contaminated soils and Filter cake.
  • All non-hazardous materials.

Download this pdf list right now to get started.

Top 5 Reasons clients choose GRIP with Advanced Waste Services

Advanced Waste Transportation

  1. Extremely fast quotes and service.
  2. We do all of the EPA and DOT paperwork.
  3. Quality professionals onsite.
  4. Reliable and trustworthy transportation, disposal and recycling of your waste.
  5. We are a committed partner, helping you design, implement and execute your GRIP program.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services chemical waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal visit our website or call us 800-842-9792 .

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792  


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