Hazardous Waste Disposal

When you look for hazardous waste disposal you might have acid and caustic wastes like sulphuric acid or sodium hydroxide, or flammable wastes like acetone or even toxic wastes like formaldehyde.

Hazardous waste disposal of drums

“While you may know where some of your hazardous waste is going for disposal and how it is being treated, there is probably a portion that is being shipped elsewhere. It’s really important you understand where that is,” shares Candy Stonecipher, AWS Iowa Results Advisor.

The challenge is finding a hazardous waste disposal company with the right experience to eliminate your wastes and your risks of disposal.  How do you know which company can provide you with the best options to reduce your hazardous waste disposal costs and risks?

At Advanced Waste Services, we help hundreds of clients everyday with environmental obligations, including hazardous waste disposal.  If you’re exploring options to reduce your hazardous waste disposal costs, here’s 3 ways that might help you.

Drums requiring hazardous waste disposal

“I’ve spent countless hours over my career helping clients with hazardous waste disposal options,” shares KC Wulf, AWS Director of G.R.I.P Operations. (Get Rid of It Program aka GRIP specializes in Hazardous Waste disposal).

Commingling Hazardous Wastes

If you’ve ever performed a lab pack or packed small containers of hazardous waste into a 55 gallon drum, you know that a lot of space is wasted.  This requires more drums for disposal and will increase the costs of your hazardous waste disposal project.

Small containers of hazardous wastes for disposal

“There really isn’t a typical situation for commingling hazardous wastes. Just about any company, school, or manufacturer has old chemicals, off-spec materials, or hazardous wastes in containers smaller than 55 gallon drums,” shares Mike Altmayer, AWS Environmental Health and Safety Manager.

Advanced Waste Services focuses on commingling same classifications of hazardous wastes to reduce disposal costs for our clients.  As an example, if you have several containers of flammable liquid waste, the liquid will be “poured off” into a bulk container. The bulk container is then profiled, labeled and manifested. Not only does this reduce disposal costs, but it makes transportation, disposal and record keeping much easier for everyone.

Elementary Neutralization

If you are paying for hazardous waste disposal of corrosive only acids or caustics you might want to consider elementary neutralization.  Essentially, elementary neutralization is a process of adjusting the pH of an acid or caustic from hazardous to non-hazardous.

This significantly reduces your disposal costs. This process is fairly common, but requires experience to not raise or drop the pH too aggressively.

Explaining how to perform elementary neutralization.

“Where I see clients have problems with elementary neutralization is when they go from treating a few hundred gallons to a few thousand gallons. You have to be more precise in ph adjustment as the gallons increase,” shares Jaymes Barrera, AWS Indiana Results Advisor.

Recycling Acids and Caustics

Acids and caustics that might normally be profiled for hazardous waste disposal, could be candidates for recycling or beneficial re-use.  An example is beneficially re-using acids and caustics to treat industrial wastewater.

Beneficially reusing acids and caustics to treat process wastewater'

“Because we own and operate industrial wastewater treatment facilities, we can provide our clients with an easy way to recycle acids and caustics.  It also gives them a sustainability story about generating clean reusable water,” shares Mark Lob, AWS Iowa Operations Manager.

This results in the acids and caustics shipping on a bill of lading as a product, hazardous waste generator status reduced and reduced disposal costs.  But what’s really impressive about elementary neutralization is the transformation of hazardous waste into a resource that generates clean, re-usable water.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services hazardous waste disposal services visit our website, schedule a tour or ask us a question below.

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