Vacuum Truck Services

When you are searching for vacuum truck services you might have solids, powders, sludges or liquids that need to be pumped out of a tank, a pit or even a field.

Vacuum Truck behind secured fence

“We take a lot of pride in performing vacuum truck services. Whether we are at a secure military site or traveling down the road, we want to look the business,” shares Adam Geyer, AWS Driver of the Year 2010.

The problem is figuring out which vacuum truck services company is right for your project. Which one has the ideal location? vacuum truck equipment? disposal services? and experience to help you meet your goals?

Advanced Waste Services has 5 operations centers covering the Midwest. From West to East we provide vacuum truck services in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Color coded map of midwest states with vacuum truck services.

“To provide vacuum truck services across the midwest, we’ve located operations centers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Rockford, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Portage, Indiana and New Castle, Pennsylvania,” shares Joe Walsh, AWS Transportation Manager.

Choosing the ideal vacuum truck equipment for your tank pump out, pit cleaning or spill clean up is important. It could be the difference between meeting and missing your deadline. Different vacuum trucks are designed for different materials and conditions. Here’s a few questions to think about:

  • If you need 300 horizontal feet of hose and the material is powder, what kind of vacuum truck do you need?
  • What if you need to pump 70 feet down and it’s sludge?
  • What if its over 5000 gallons and liquid only?

Advanced Waste Services has a network of disposal facilities and tank wash centers to ensure proper disposal and clean out prior to performing vacuum truck services.  This reduces turn-around time for large projects with multiple disposal trips involved.  Here’s a few more questions to evaluate your disposal options:

  • Once your material or waste is vacuumed onto the vacuum truck, then what happens?
  • Where is the material going to be disposed of? Could the material be recycled?
  • How do you know the vacuum truck was clean before your material was loaded?
  • What if cross-contamination occurs and your non-hazardous material becomes hazardous? How might this impact your company?

Experience in the “waste industry” is difficult to find.  We’ve been fortunate to recruit and retain some of the top drivers in vacuum truck services and environmental knowledge.  And it shows when you talk to our clients and speak with our drivers.  Our team recognizes that we are only as good as the results we deliver to our Clients, our Community and our Environment. Period.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services vacuum truck services explore our website, schedule a tour or ask us a question below.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792 


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