Vacuum Truck Services in Chicago

When you are looking for vacuum truck services in Chicago or the greater Chicagoland area you probably have a challenging project site.  Your project site might be difficult to access, might require 300 hundred feet of vacuum hose and it might even have dangerous working conditions like confined space entry.

Vacuum Truck in Chicago skyline.

“In our fleet of vacuum truck services in Chicago, I swear by the Vacsimizer.  I request it most often for my client’s with tight deadlines,” shares Bob Parry, AWS Results Advisor for Chicago.

Your project might require multiple vacuum trucks, maybe even a fleet. For this exact reason Advanced Waste Services operates vacuum truck services in Chicago from 3 surrounding operation centers, each with its own fleet.

Vacuum Truck Services in Chicago map

“Depending on a client’s project scope, I can pull vacuum truck services from 3 different AWS locations to get exactly what I need to meet a client’s deadline and goals,” added Bob Parry, AWS Results Advisor for Chicago.

One of the most important aspects when evaluating vacuum truck services in Chicago, is choosing the appropriate vacuum truck. But how do you know which vacuum truck is the right one for your project?

Some vacuum trucks are designed to avoid payload violations others are designed exclusively for liquids or solids.  You also want to evaluate the operators of vacuum truck services in Chicago. Problems here and you might miss your project deadlines and create more hassle.

If you find yourself asking, “I need vacuum truck services in Chicago that can vacuum heavy solids and sludges, enter very tight spots, and vacuum up to 400 feet horizontally,” you might be asking for a Straight-Hi Vac.

Advanced Waste Services Hi-Vac Truck

“We usually use the straight Hi-Vac if a client has tight spots, solids and sludges and needs vacuum through 400 horizontal feet of hose,” shares Derrick Lancour, AWS Results Delivery Specialist.

But if you find yourself asking, ” I need vacuum truck services that can vacuum dry materials, powders and dust, that can also enter very tight spots and can still pull vacuum in a 50 foot deep hole,” then you might asking for a Super Sucker.

Advanced Waste Services Super Sucker Truck

“For dry materials like sand or powders, you have to use a super sucker. It has the most powerful vacuum pump that can pull vacuum up to 600 feet horizontally or up to 60 feet deep,” shares Tony Pankow, AWS Industrial Services Project Manager.

But if you have mostly liquid and sludges, and over 5000 gallons, and need to transport the liquid and sludges off-site for disposal, you’ll need vacuum truck services in Chicago with the largest legal payload in the industry.  You’ll need the Vacsimizer.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services vacuum truck services in Chicago explore our website, schedule a facility tour or ask us a question below.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792



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