Industrial Waste Disposal Companies

When you search for industrial waste disposal companies you might really be looking for someone to help you eliminate a waste or risk in your operations.

Industrial Waste Disposal company performing laboratory bench test

“When you find the right industrial waste disposal company, it’s because they take the necessary steps to eliminate your wastes and risks,” says Bill Fowler, Advanced Waste Services Sr. Lab manager while performing a flocculation bench test.

You might start by searching for industrial waste disposal companies that have experience in your industry like automotive, plating or metal fabrication. Or you might look for a specific waste stream disposal capability like oily wastewater disposal, organic wastewater disposal or metal finishing wastewater disposal.

The challenge is that once you’ve decided on your list of industrial waste disposal companies, you have to evaluate all the permits, licenses and audit packages to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations and even your own company’s strict requirements.

We hope that you include Advanced Waste Services in your list of industrial waste disposal companies.  In the video above our Sr. Lab Manager, Bill Fowler is performing a necessary step in industrial waste disposal Рperforming a bench test to determine the point of flocculation.

In this example with machining coolant, the flocculation bench test establishes the treatment required to properly remove the contaminants and generate clean, reusable water.

Sr. Lab Manager, Bill Fowler checks the metals percentages using an ICP.

“The ICP is a very important piece of equipment for industrial waste disposal because it helps you comply with the discharge limits for metals in wastewater,” shares Sr. Lab Manager Bill Fowler.

When you join us on a tour, you’ll see the cutting-edge technologies we use to eliminate the risks and wastes of disposing your industrial waste. In the picture above the ICP has been a reliant, extremely high tech piece of equipment in our operation.

But we are continuing to look at new technologies that continue to re-invent the process for industrial waste disposal. An example of this new technology is in the video below – Xray fluorescence.

Learn more about Advanced Waste Services industrial waste disposal on our website, on a facility tour or ask us a question below.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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