Spill Cleanup in Freezing Temperatures

When a spill happens you are working against time for spill containment and spill cleanup. You implement your spill containment plan, check the impact on your employee safety, your production and the environment.

Then you make a call to your spill cleanup contractor, hoping they can arrive quickly. But freezing temperatures might create a nightmare of a problem.

Tanker truck at spill cleanup site.

John Mierow, a veteran on Advanced Waste Services industrial services team, walks us to the valve and inlet pipe that frequently causes problems for spill clean up contractors with limited experience in freezing temperatures.

That nightmare might be having your spill clean up partner arrive with a high-powered vacuum truck (like the one in the video above) except the truck can’t actually “suck up” material because it has a big piece of ice, frozen inside the inlet pipe.

And that creates all kinds of problems for your time, money and production.  So if there is a moral to the story in the video, I think it would be:

  • Look to partner with a spill clean up contractor that knows how to use their vacuum trucks, power washers and waterblasters in not just perfect conditions, but also in the terrible, awful worst case scenario conditions.
  • Discuss worst case scenarios before you sign the spill contractor agreement

If you believe it’s time to review your spill contingency plan, Advanced Waste Services is poised and ready to help you. Ask us a question below or explore more on our website. 

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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