Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Chicagoland and Rockford, IL

You might be looking for industrial wastewater treatment in Chicagoland and Rockford, IL.

Rockford IL map

Everyday Advanced Waste Services helps Illinois Manufacturers and commercial businesses with industrial wastewater treatment services – Our Rockford operation is located at 304 18th Avenue Rockford, IL 61104.

If so you’re probably a manager or consultant at an aerospace, alternative energy, chemical manufacturing, food processing, plating or metals manufacturing company.

Maybe you’ve had violations discharging to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. Maybe your on-site industrial wastewater treatment system isn’t working properly. Or perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to find a reliable industrial wastewater treatment partner.

Advanced Waste Tanker truck in snow and ice.

“Snow and ice can create some unpredictable situations in northern Illinois. Even with the best trucks, tires and equipment we still have to be extremely cautious,” shares Brian Hall, operator with Advanced Waste Services Rockford.

Advanced Waste Services Rockford is ideally located in northern Illinois between our Milwaukee, WI industrial wastewater treatment facility and our Cedar Rapids, IA industrial wastewater treatment facility.

This means we can easily provide industrial wastewater treatment throughout Illinois, including Rockford, the Chicagoland area and the industrial parks near O’hare airport and Elk Grove Village.

Tanker truck rolling out of loading bay. Headed to Chicagoland and Rockford area.

“When we were in need of immediate service or otherwise our production will stop, we know AWS will take care of our needs.  Their dedication to service is the reason we continue to turn to them with confidence.” – Darren E., Operations Manager.

With a diverse fleet of vehicles including The Vacsimizer, super suckers, Hi-Vacs, and tanker trucks we can accommodate a wide range of industrial wastes from liquids, to sludges to solids.

Our Rockford and Chicagoland industrial wastewater treatment operations center is located at 304 18th Avenue Rockford, IL 61104.

Industrial Wastewater treatment tanker trucks

When you tour an Advanced Waste Services facility, you’ll see why we invest in the best equipment and how we’ve developed an Elite team of drivers.

When you visit one of our industrial wastewater treatment facilities for a tour, you’ll see where we unload wastewater into “incoming water holding tanks,” and begin the process of treating industrial wastewater for Rockford, Il and Chicagoland clients.

Incoming wastewater holding tanks.

15 feet above the ground on our catwalk,  you’ll get an inside look at how your industrial wastewater is unloaded and how we transform the wastewater into clean, reusable water.

Throughout the tour you’ll learn why Advanced Waste Services is unique at helping clients meet their environmental obligations.

To explore why Advanced Waste Services should be your partner for industrial wastewater treatment in Rockford, IL and the Chicagoland area visit our website or ask us a question below.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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