Controlling Spill Cleanup Costs and Limiting Damages

If you have care, custody or control of regulated materials that accidentally spill or release, you are responsible to pay for the damages.  This is legally known as Strict Liability.

Click here to download your Checklist to Control Spill Cleanup Costs.

Emergency response workers

Upon receipt of a reimbursement request – make sure you are the spill generator, immediately respond via phone or in writing and request copies of ordinances for reimbursable items.

The checklist will help you control costs in 4 major areas you might be liable to pay for:

  1. Costs related with response, reporting, remediation and waste disposal.
  2. Property damage and bodily injury arising from the spill.
  3. Fines and penalties for failing to comply with reporting regulations.
  4. Public sector emergency services reimbursements.
Advanced Waste Tanker Truck at Spill site

Before you dispatch a contractor to respond to your spill, advise your contractor that an immediate assessment of third party property is required, including impact on any water, storm sewer or drain.

To explore Advanced Waste Services spill response services visit our website or ask us a question below.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-8792


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