Industrial Wastewater Treatment in New Castle Pennsylvania

The city of New Castle, Pennsylvania is an ideal location for an industrial wastewater treatment facility to service the oil and gas and manufacturing industries.

Situated near the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio, Advanced Waste Services industrial wastewater treatment facility in New Castle is 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and only 18 miles east of Youngstown Ohio.

Map of Advanced Waste Services facility in New Castle PA

Everyday Advanced Waste Services helps hundreds of businesses with industrial wastewater treatment. Our New Castle Pennsylvania facility is located at 101 River Park Drive New Castle, PA 16101.

Whether you are an environmental professional that needs industrial wastewater treatment services for your client or for your own manufacturing process, Advanced Waste Services is uniquely positioned for industrial wastewater treatment in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Sample pulled from tanker truck

In front of our Advanced Waste Services New Castle Pa facility, a wastewater sample is taken and tested to confirm it matches the waste certification statement. This process is required before treating the industrial wastewater.

We’ve invested in a diverse fleet of equipment to easily transport and provide industrial wastewater treatment for organics, metals and oily wastewater streams.

Bench test of industrial wastewater before treatment.

A bench test is being performed to determine the ph required to remove the contaminants from the industrial wastewater.

Our industrial wastewater treatment facility is located at 101 River Park Drive New Castle, PA 16101.  I don’t suppose any other word can describe our New Castle industrial wastewater treatment operation besides enormous.  When you walk through the rows of tanks, you can start to grasp how much industrial wastewater actually is treated here.

Tanker trucks in New Castle Pa

Rows of wastewater storage tanks tower above as tanker trucks arrive and prepare to unload at the Advanced Waste Services New Castle, Pennsylvania industrial wastewater treatment facility.

Throughout your tour of our New Castle, PA facility, you’ll learn why Advanced Waste services is unique at helping clients meet their environmental obligations.

To explore why Advanced Waste Services should be your partner for Industrial Wastewater Treatment in New Castle, Pennsylvania visit our website or ask us a question below. 

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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