Pipeline Maintenance in Wisconsin

If you and your team are responsible for oil and gas pipeline maintenance in Wisconsin, you might be looking for a vacuum truck company in Wisconsin to help with gel sealing the cracks and leaks.

Maybe the pipeline maintenance is for an inspection, maybe the pipeline maintenance is for routine cleaning or perhaps the pipeline maintenance is to gel seal pipeline leaks and cracks.

To help you meet one or all three of these goals for your pipeline maintenance project, you need a reliable pipeline maintenance partner in Wisconsin. That’s where Advanced Waste Services has the pipeline maintenance expertise to help you finish on-time and within budget.

Pipeline Maintenance Expertise

Inspecting Pipeline for Leaks and Cracks

If your oil or gas pipeline is buried underground in Wisconsin, you will likely use odor-infused, dyed water to find the leaks and cracks, also known as Hydro Testing.  As your monitoring system along the pipeline indicates leaks and cracks, you might decide to dig out the wet soil. If the crack is significant, you might have a few hundred gallons of dyed water to clean up.

You need a reliable Pipeline Maintenance partner

Advanced Waste Services facility is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We service the entire state of Wisconsin for companies that need a reliable pipeline maintenance partner.

The Hydro Test creates two challenges for you. First challenge – transportation of water to the pipeline and pumping thousands of gallons of dyed water into the pipeline. Second challenge – removing several hundred gallons of dyed water and soil from the inspection site around the pipeline.

Here’s how Advanced Waste Services helps you solve these two challenges.

First our large fleet of tanker and vacuum trucks can easily pump thousands of gallons of dyed water into the pipeline and quickly remove thousands of pounds of water and soil from the pipeline inspection site.  Second, we have an outstanding safety record and over 20 years of proven results.

Cleaning Pipelines 

It’s likely your pipeline maintenance project includes mechanical cleaning or chemical cleaning combined with a pipeline inspection gauge, P.I.G.

If a particular section of pipe requires cleaning with confined space entry, you’ll need the correct equipment and people to perform the work.  At Advanced Waste Services, we have performed over 2500 confined space entry cleaning projects. We’ll outline our confined space entry plan with you prior to entering the pipeline.

Gel Sealing Pipeline Cracks aka Pipeline Gelling

After the Hydro Testing (pipeline inspection for leaks and cracks) is complete, you’ll likely start the process to gel seal the pipeline, also known as pipeline gelling.  Pipeline gelling is the process of mixing two solutions that adhere to the interior walls of the pipeline. As the solutions dry, the cracks are sealed from the inside-out. At Advanced Waste Services, we will use our tanker trucks to store and pump the gel into a pressurized system that mixes the solutions and coats the interior of the pipeline, sealing the cracks.

Pipeline maintenance and gel sealing pipeline cracks

After the hydro test is completed, the pressurized system mixes the solutions and coats the interior of the pipeline. This process gel seals cracks and leaks in the pipeline.

We are incredibly proud that we recently participated in the longest Hydro Test ever  – where over 500 miles of pipeline were tested.

To learn more how Advanced Waste Services can help you during your Pipeline Maintenance project explore our website or ask us a question below. 

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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