Cactus design inspires oil spill cleanup method

Cactus spikes pull water droplets to the base of the spine for the cactus to absorb. The artificial spikes researchers have created pull oil droplets in a similar way.

Chinese researchers are leading a project to remove microscopic oil droplets from water.  The design was inspired by the shape of cactus spines.  If used during an oil spill cleanup, this could significantly increase the amount of oil reclaimed from contaminated water.

The microscopic conical-shaped spikes successfully separated oil and water mixtures.  Some of the test groups included vegetable oil, gasoline and organic solvents.

This method might also be able to remove oil droplets from air, which happens in compressed air. “This should be a more efficient method than filters.”

It’s an amazing story. Read more about this breakthrough oil spill clean up technology here.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services oil recycling and emergency spill cleanup program visit our website or ask us a question below. 

Advanced Waste Services 800-842-9792


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