New York launches “Recycle Everything” campaign

New York Launches %22Recycle Everything%22 Campaign

The centerpiece of the effort is print/poster ads featuring striking pop art-like collages. The ads feature examples of key recyclables such as food containers and aluminum cans, artfully covered with colorful logos of major marketers torn from the packaging (Image Credit: Grey New York)

New York generates 11,000 tons of waste everyday. To double to recycling rate to 30 percent by 2017, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the “Recycle Everything” campaign earlier this week.

“The bottom line is we can do an awful lot better,” he said. “This saves us money and it dramatically makes the environment that our kinds are going to inherit from us better. It’s kind of hard to argue that you shouldn’t do this.”

A few dominate programs will include residential composting, electronics recycling and plastics recycling.

Read more about this significant NYC recycling program here.

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