VacSimizer – The Ultimate Vacuum Truck

What is the VacSimizer? 

The VacSimizer is a one of a kind, state of the art innovation that will transform the collection, transportation and dumping process for high solid liquids!

This powerful, maneuverable and easy to use vacuum truck has a patent awarded design that provides the largest legal payload in the industry!

Why is the VacSimizer Unique? 

The VacSimizer is the One Man + One Truck solution that the world’s been waiting for.  Its powerful yet lightweight, patent awarded design is maneuverable and easy to use.

VacSimizer does the work of 2 trucks

This means the VacSimizer is the ideal solution for removing large quantities of sludge while reducing Cost, Time, Fuel and Emissions.

“The VacSimizer is Fast, Safe and Never Overweight!”

How does the VacSimizer benefit AWS clients?


  1. Highly Efficient – Largest legal sludge payload anywhere (40,000 lbs)!
  2. Ultra Fast – Large blower means powerful vacuum and fast loading!
  3. Outstanding Value – Does the work of 2 trucks and 2 men!
  4. Simple, Simple, Simple – Easy one-switch operation (It’s decomplicated)!
  5. earthFirst – Reduces Fuel Consumption and carbon emissions by 50% or more!

Do you have an industrial cleaning project that needs the VacSimizer?

Tell us about you and your project and we’ll contact you soon!

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services click here or call 800-842-9792.


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