BizTimes – Food manufacturers evaluate Potawatomi Digester option for waste

BizTimes Milwaukee attended the Potawatomi Digester “first look” event and published this article in their current business magazine issue, May 27, 2013.

Holding Tanks Potawatomi Digester

From the article:

Why is the digester good for food and beverage companies? 

  • An opportunity for companies to be known for their green initiatives
  • Its proponents are encouraging food and beverage manufacturers, grocery stores and other large organic waste producers to send their waste product to the digester instead of landfills.

Which companies will benefit from the digester?

  • Project organizers have been targeting the meat, cheese, dairy, grocery, produce and bakery industries to participate in the process. Many types of feedstock, including dry ingredients like spices, can be converted to energy

To explore if your food waste can be recycled at the Potawatomi Digester, Contact Joe Pawlak, VP Sales Advanced Waste Services 414-294-9168.

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