The Tools of Life and Leadership

Find your passion, find your purpose.

What is high school? It’s an experience that shapes the course of our lives – where students discover their passion.

Every experience is different.  Perhaps it leads to a career in the trades, maybe a college education or even an unforgettable experience in the Peace Corps.


But students who struggle to find passion, can’t define their purpose.  Without purpose, students fail to find a meaningful life after high school. These young people fail to understand what it takes to be successful in life.

As advocates for “inspiring students to become successful in life,” we’ve met someone who shares our passion, Chuck Zamora.

Chuck Zamora – Teaching the Tools of Life and Leadership

Chuck Zamora Leadership

Chuck Zamora has been inspiring students to pursue their passion and define their purpose for over two decades.  He is a fun, engaging and talented businessman, entrepreneur and educator.

In other words, he knows what it takes to be successful in life.  And how to teach that to others.  Best of all, though, he’s made it his mission to share what he knows with students around the world.

Rufus King High School – Tools of Life Workshop

On March 23, 2013, we partnered with Mr. Zamora to conduct a “life-changing” experience with the students at Rufus King High School in Milwaukee, WI.

Rufus King students

Rufus King students participated in the day-long workshop “The Tools of Life and Leadership.”    The goal is to help students find their passion and their purpose in life. To help them become leaders, team builders and team players.

Tools of Life and Leadership

After the workshop, we received a letter from Rufus King, Assistant Principal Ms. Stephanie Zollicoffer summarizing the overwhelming positive responses from students and parents:

Chuck Zamora

  • “Through the use of humor and personal stories, Mr. Zamora kept a captive audience.”
  • “The workbook for each participant helped keep everyone on task and provided a catalyst for discussion among the group.”
  • “The students valued and felt inspired form the day long workshop.”
  • “Many of the participants expressed the time spent with you was life changing.”
  • “This experience has helped students with goal setting, higher self-esteem and thinking about their life’s purpose.”
  • “These are invaluable concepts that will help make our students, staff, and parents stronger not only in our school but in our world.”
  • “We hope to develop a partnership with you.”

Rufus King High School – giving students a future.

Rufus King High School is a leader in the Milwaukee Public School system for nearly doubling ACT participation from 43% in 2007-08 to more than 80% in 2011-12.  Additionally, Rufus King has grown the graduation rate by approximately 14 percentage points between the class of 2000 and the class of 2012.

At Advanced Waste Services, we truly care about helping young people grow, develop and find purpose in life.

To explore more about a student workshop “The Tools of Life and Leadership” contact Advanced Waste Services at 800-842-9792.


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