Potawatomi Digester Construction Update

It’s a terrific spring day to be on the Potawatomi Digester construction site.  The site is buzzing with activity and tanks are literally rising out of the ground.

Potawtomi Digester Renewable Generation

The Potawatomi Digester will recycle food waste into biogas, a renewable fuel.  The biogas will be generated inside two, 1.2 million gallon sealed tanks.

Tank Rise from the Ground

One of two digester tanks has been completed, towering over 5 stories high. (Photo Above).

The second tank is quickly rising

To the right of the first digester tank, is what appears to be a miniature tank.  (photo above) This second digester tank will also rise 5 stories tall.

Construction begins with the top of the tank.  After which walls are constructed, essentially raising the tank with the top attached.

Recycle Your Food Waste 

Think converting your food waste into clean, green, renewable fuel is a good idea for your company’s sustainability statement?

Contact Joe Pawlak at Advanced Waste Services 800-842-9792 or jpawlak@advancedwasteservices.com

Explore more stories about the Potawatomi Digester here.

ReInvent your Sustainability Story


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