Hazardous Waste Labpack Services

When you’ve accumulated hazardous waste and the 90 day window is getting close, we can help with your Labpack project and we call it GRIP, aka the Get Rid of It Program.

"We have an entire team dedicated to helping clients with small container hazardous waste clean up projects. Drums, totes, 5 gallon pails, we do it everyday," shares Jeff Gibbons, Advanced Waste Services GRIP Technician.

“We have an entire team dedicated to helping clients with small container hazardous waste clean up projects. Drums, totes, 5 gallon pails, we do it everyday,” shares Jeff Gibbons, Advanced Waste Services GRIP Technician.

We designed the Get Rid of It Program, as an easy way to help clients with lab pack services.   It’s more cost effective, safe and easy that traditional lab pack disposal of chemical wastes and materials. Here’s why.

In a typical lab pack service project, all your wastes will be packed into drums. Regardless of the size, each vile, flask, bottle, pail is packed into a drum. This is effective for transportation and complying with regulations.

But it’s very time consuming, wastes space, costs more to transport and cost more to dispose.  So we redesigned our Labpack services into our signature, Get Rid of It Program or GRIP, to be more cost effective for clients.

Labpack services Triangle - GRIP

“By transforming our labpack services into the Get Rid of It Program, we’ve been able to help clients solve all kinds of waste problems,” shares KC Wulf, Director of GRIP operations.

Instead of packing each bottle or container separately, we optimize space to reduce costs by commingling same characteristic wastes. It then costs less to pack, ship and dispose, making the project very cost effective.

Small containers of hazardous wastes for disposal

“There really isn’t a typical situation for commingling hazardous wastes. Just about every company, school, manufacturer has old chemicals, off-spec materials, or hazardous wastes in less than 55 gallon containers,” shares Mike Altmayer, AWS Environmental Health and Safety Manager.

Because we understand the transportation and disposal/recycling regulations for hazardous wastes, whether in drums, totes, 5 gallon pails or small bottles, we can quickly turn around quotes for projects of all sizes.

From major holiday plant shutdown projects, to facility closures, to spring cleaning projects, to quarterly pickup projects we can help you safely and cost-effectively dispose or recycle your hazardous wastes.

Anything, any amount, any size…We will Get Rid of It.

Hazardous waste disposal of drums

“While you may know where some of your hazardous waste is going for disposal and how it is being treated, there is probably a portion that is being shipped elsewhere. It’s really important to understand where that is,” shares Candy Stonecipher, AWS Iowa Results Advisor.

Explore why our clients choose GRIP.

What do we commonly get asked to Get Rid of? 

  • Flammables (liquids and solids), Corrosives (acids and bases) and Aerosols and cylinders.
  • Toxic Materials ( pesticides, herbicides), Oxidizers and organic peroxides and Asbestos materials.
  • PCBs (liquids and solids), Coolants and oils and Universal waste (batteries, fluorescent bulbs).
  • Mercury (all types), Laboratory waste (all types), Paints (oil base or latex).
  • Contaminated soils and Filter cake.
  • All non-hazardous materials.
AWS Van Trailer

“We have a fleet of van trailers that allow us to transport hazardous waste across the country for off-site disposal or recycling,” shares Drew Acklam, AWS Transportation Manager.

[Get Rid of It Program – GRIP material list on pdf]

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services Hazardous Waste Disposal and Recycling Services or the Get Rid of It Program including Labpack Services visit our website or call us at 800-842-9792.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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