Potawatomi Digester First Look Event and Tour

Yesterday, we enjoyed the company of food and beverage manufacturers from across the Midwest.  This First Look Event and Tour gave an in-depth look at:

  • WHY Potawatomi decided to build a community food waste recycling facility
  • HOW the digester process works to convert food waste into renewable energy
  • WHAT the next steps are for interested companies to recycle their food waste in the digester.

“It’s an invitation to you. We’d really like you to be part of this,” shared Jeff Crawford, President FCPC Renewable Energy as he addressed the audience. “What we are presenting here is an opportunity that it is a win-win for everybody.”

Potawatomi First Look Event and Tour

“Odor control and noise were very large concerns to the Potawatomi so all the air is collected and treated,” shared Bryan Johnson of Titus. “There is no open air processes.  A lot of work went into a comprehensive good neighbor policy.”

Potawatomi Digester Renewable Energy

“We are looking at fixed, predictable long-term pricing for food waste,” shared Joe Pawlak of Advanced Waste Services. “Participation in the project will ensure that you are reducing those bottom-line costs.”

Construction of the Potawatomi Digester will be completed in the next few months.

Want to schedule a tour and/or see if your food waste is good for the digester?  Contact us online or call Joe Pawlak at 414-294-9168.


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