Finding a Confined Space Entry Company

You need to schedule a cleaning project, that requires confined space entry.

Maybe you have a product line washer that requires maintenance. Maybe you have an underground storage tank [UST] that needs to be cleaned.

Confined Space Entry Permit Required

The problem is your employees’ time is more valuable on the production floor.

Additionally, your employees might need more experience performing confined space entry to eliminate all the risks.

To get production back online quickly and keep your employees safe – you really need to find a professional confined space entry company to help you.

Find a Confined Space Entry Company: Start with an Interview

Your goal is to keep every person in your facility safe, get production online quickly and adhere to regulations.

With this in mind, start your interview process with these 5 questions.

Confined Space Entry Emergency Rescue

1) What are the potential hazards the confined space entry company identified?

2) Has the confined space pre-entry permit been requested? Able to comply with requirements of the confined space pre-entry permit?

3) Has a plan been presented to control the hazards? Are you comfortable with the plan?

4) Will the confined space entry team have an attendant and a supervisor?

5) What is the rescue plan if an accident or emergency happens?

Bonus question – Are they forthcoming with referrals or testimonials for confined space entry and industrial cleaning projects?

Find a Confined Space Entry Company: Know their Training

We both know confined space entry is permit required until the pre-entry procedures demonstrate otherwise.

Would the company be able to identify a permit-required confined space entry – even if it wasn’t identified as such? 

Investigate the training program of the confined space entry company.

Do they provide training to clients? to their own employees? 

Or do they receive confined space entry training from an outside organization? 

Finding a Confined Space Entry Company : Advanced Waste Services

The biggest challenge you will find in your search for a confined space entry, industrial cleaning company is the right combination of:

  • understanding regulations
  • operating dangerous equipment
  • and a track record of industrial cleaning projects conpleted on time and within budget.

We’ve performed over 2500 confined space entry, industrial cleaning projects.  One of the most common confined space entry projects we perform is Tank Cleaning.

Want to explore more?  Confined Space Entry solutions and services on our website or call us at 800-842-9792.


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