Tank Cleaning

You need to schedule a tank cleaning.

Maybe your tank is contaminated. Maybe the material in your tank isn’t flowable.

Bottom line, you have a problem with your tank that is affecting production – which is your way of making money.

That’s a problem that we are responsible for fixing.

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning: Our Approach

Whether it’s an above ground storage tank (AST) or an underground storage tank (UST).

Or a 5000 gallon tank cleaning or a 50,000 gallon tank cleaning project.

The risks associated with tank cleaning are extremely high.

We invest heavily in hands-on training, before any employee performs tank cleaning on a client site.

Tank Cleaning: Confined Space Training

Our tank cleaning starts with confined space entry training.

Because we perform tank cleaning services for some of the largest and most safety conscious companies across the U.S., we built a full-size confined space simulator.

The confined space simulator prepares our tank cleaning team to wear fully-sealed chemical suits, breathe supplied air and maneuver a water-blaster while tethered to a rescue Davit Arm.

Our goal is to keep people alive during a confined space tank cleaning.  Additionally, this preparation helps our crew complete tank cleaning projects on-time and within budget.

Tank Cleaning: Water-blaster Training

When liquid becomes solidified in a tank, you need a water-blaster to break up the solid material.

Good training and experience operating a water-blaster significantly reduces the safety risks and completion time for tank cleaning.  This gets your production online quicker and within budget.

Here’s a quick look at how we prepare employees for tank cleaning.

5 Questions before you hire a Tank Cleaning Company.

We’ve performed over 2500 confined space entry tank cleanings.

Here’s what you should look for when hiring a tank cleaning company.

Tank Cleaning Experience

1) Does the tank cleaning company own their equipment?

2) What is the tenure and experience of the employees that will perform the tank cleaning?

3) Request to meet the employees that will perform the service. Are they Professional? Knowledgeable?  Would you want to hire them?

4) Do they have a documented “tailgate meeting?” Do they know what a “tailgate meeting is?”

5) Do they have testimonials for tank cleaning projects similar to your project?

Want more details? Explore more about our tank cleaning experience on our website or call us 800-842-9792.


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