Oily Water Trench Pump Out

You just got notice that your oily water trench needs to be pumped out.

Maybe you’ve increased production or maybe one of your hydraulic lines is leaking. Perhaps your oil water separator can’t keep up with the volume.

Oily Water Trench Pump Out

Bottom line is you need 50,000 gallons of oily wastewater pumped out, asap.

Which company to pump out your oily water trench? 

Your problem is not finding a waste company with vacuum trucks. That’s easy.  The real problem is finding a waste company that can guarantee and coordinate eight to ten, 5000 gallon vacuum trucks in the next 24-48 hours.  While also ensuring DNR and EPA regulatory compliance for recycling or disposing the oily wastewater.

Oily Water Trench Pump Out Spill Response

5 questions to ask a waste company prior to an Oily Water Trench Pump Out.

1) Does the waste company own a permitted waste processing facility for used oil or oily wastewater? Will they let you tour the facility if requested?

2) Does the waste company have your waste stream profiled?

If not, make sure they request a sample and complete testing for constituents prior to pumping the oily water trench.  Learn more about inadvertently violating the Reputable Presumption for used oil.

3) Does the waste company own the truck fleet that will be used for the oily water trench pump out? Are the trucks less than 4-5 years old?

4) What is their plan for coordinating the 8-10 vacuum trucks to pump out your oily water trench? Are they willing share it with you?

5) Do they have testimonials complimenting onsite crews and drivers for expertise and professional courtesy during oily water trench pump outs?

For an oily water trench pump out contact Advanced Waste Services 800-842-9792 or request our help online.


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