Railcar Cleaning Milwaukee, WI

You might be deciding if Milwaukee, WI is an ideal location for cleaning your railcars.

Railcar Cleaning Milwaukee

The 2 questions you’ll likely ask are:

1) Will cleaning railcars in Milwaukee reduce turn-around time and reduce extra car movement?

2) Who can perform railcar cleaning in Milwaukee to strict standards and audit compliance?

To help you decide on Milwaukee, I’ve shared some details how we reduce turn-around time and perform railcar cleaning services to high standards.

Reducing turn-around time for cleaning railcars.

Strategic Location.

Four major railroads intersect through Milwaukee, WI.

Railcar Cleaning Milwaukee Waste Facility*Source WI DOT.

  • Union Pacific
  • Canadian Pacific
  • Canadian National
  • Wisconsin & Southern Railroad

We strategically positioned our permitted waste processing Milwaukee facility (map) and fleet operations to quickly access railroad spurs.

Equipment Designed for Railcar Cleaning.


Railroad spurs and railcars are usually easy to access. But sometimes not. So we invested in a diverse vehicle and equipment fleet to access “hard to reach” railroad spurs and remove the most difficult sludge build-up.

Pictured above is the The VacSimizer.  We designed and built this vacuum truck specifically for difficult cleaning projects like railcar cleaning.  This video gives a quick look at how the VacSimizer reduces costs and turn-around time for our clients.

Performing Railcar Cleaning to High Standards. 

Rail Car Cleaning Inspection

Our clients have strict standards of what a “clean” railcar is. So we developed a specific railcar cleaning procedure to meet these high standards.

This includes:

  • a confined space permit
  • documentation of “heel” or “remaining commodity”
  • photos when complete
  • a certificate of disposal/recycling.

Confined Space Training Simulator Milwaukee

Our goal is to help clients clean railcars quickly, cost effectively, and comply with EPA regulations for disposing their waste. Part of this process is extensive confined space training for all our employees. Video about our training

We also provide railcar cleaning services near:

Gary, IN

New Castle, PA

Cedar Rapids, IA

Rockford, IL

Questions about railcar cleaning contact us at 800-842-9792 or on our website. 


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