Potawatomi Digester Construction Update April 8, 2013

The Potawatomi Digester is on schedule for 2013 completion.

Even with the snow falling a couple weeks ago, construction is flying.

Here’s a few photos from our recent visit.

Anaerobic Reactors: where Biogas is created.

Potawatomi Digester Reactor Tank Foundation

Above – Behind Joe DeNucci, Marketing Manager for Advanced Waste, is the foundation for one of the anaerobic reactors. The reactors will rise almost 5 stories high.

anaerobic reactor foundation

Above – The foundation for the second anaerobic reactor is being prepared for concrete pouring. Inside the reactors food waste is converted into a renewable fuel – biogas.

Wall Construction – Laying brick and staying warm. 

Potawatomi Digester Wall Construction - ScaffoldingAbove – In chilly conditions, scaffolding is constructed, then covered with plastic to insulate the crews working inside.

Potawatomi Digester cement deliveryAbove – cement is delivered through an opening to the crew.

Potawatomi Digester Cement mixingAbove – These guys were impressively quick! Cement is poured into buckets then hurried “down the line.”

Potawatomi Digester Wall Construction - cement lineAbove – Cement travels down the line and meets the bricks. Each brick weighs almost 100 pounds! Who needs a gym?

Interior Rooms

Potawatomi Digester finished wallsAbove – This room will be part of the biogas processing.

Potawatomi Digester Wall ConstructionAbove – Prepping for another wall build.

Potawatomi Digester bay doorsAbove – Dual Bay Doors. Almost ready for the roof!

Think converting your food waste into clean, green, renewable fuel is a good idea for your company’s sustainability statement?

Contact Joe Pawlak at Advanced Waste Services 800-842-9792 or jpawlak@advancedwasteservices.com

Explore more stories about the Potawatomi Digester here.

ReInvent your Sustainability Story


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