Silica Sand Removal and Recycling

Your glass production line is scheduled for silica sand removal.

Perhaps the residue build-up of silica sand is affecting glass quality. Perhaps its creating an inhalation hazard.  Maybe you just want to get rid of the glass ingots forming on the production line.

But what if your employees can’t be taken off their priorities for your silica sand removal and recycling project?  What if you want to recycle as much of the silica sand as possible?

Silica Sand Removal

Who should remove your silica sand? 

If your own employees are not available to remove the silica sand – your next step is to interview companies with expertise in silica sand removal.  To meet tight deadlines, find people experienced working in glass manufacturing facilities.

This is important because glass plants typically operate for years without interrupted production.  If an outside contractor makes a mistake, it could mean shutting down a 2000 °F furnace, putting out a fire, or evacuating a plant because of corrosive gas.

silica sand removal

Also ensure they have a process to not contaminate the silica sand you plan to re-use. This is important because it accomplishes 3 goals

  1. Recycling silica sand saves money vs purchasing new material.
  2. Eliminates excessive mining on new silica sand material.
  3. Eliminates silica sand going to the landfill.

5 questions to ask a silica sand removal company.

1) Does the silica sand removal company have experience working in a glass production facility?

2) Do they have the right equipment and vacuum trucks specifically for sand?

3) What is their track record in safely removing silica sand, residue and glass ingots?

4) What is their process for disposing or recycling silica sand in accordance with federal, state and local laws?

5) Do they have testimonials from glass production facilities?

6) Do they have a process to avoid contamination of the silica sand, so it can be re-used?

Meeting your Expectations

“I want to be able to re-melt and re-use as much as I can,” one of our clients replied. “Recycling silica sand saves money, reduces mining for virgin material and avoids sending material to landfill.”

We asked our client what he expects to see after the silica sand removal project that will “make him happy.”

I think his response is pretty accurate. If I hired our team to remove silica sand and get rid of the solidified glass ingots – I’d say the same thing.

Want to talk about your options for silica sand removal? No problem – click here or call 800-842-9792.


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