Rail Car Cleaning

You just got the notice your rail cars need to be cleaned.

Maybe your lease is up on the rail cars. Maybe its heavy heel removal or sludge removal on a tank car. Maybe you don’t want to cross contaminate the next shipment.

Its likely your new problem is getting these rail cars cleaned quickly, cost effectively, and complying with EPA regulations for disposing your waste.

Rail Car Cleaning

Who should clean your Rail Cars? 

You want to start by finding people who have a strong, infectious work ethic.Strong Infectious Work Ethic

EPA states there are over 2400 facilities that perform transportation equipment cleaning.  What makes a rail car cleaning company unique is its ability to combine rail services with a permitted processing facility.

This increases turn-around time, convenience, and cost effectiveness, while reducing extra car movement costs as well as environmental and other liability risks.

5 questions to ask a rail car cleaning company.

1) Does the rail car cleaning company own a permitted waste processing facility?

2) Is the railway adjacent to the waste processing facility?

3) What is their track record in rail car cleaning? tank cleaning?

4) What is their process for permitted confined space entry? Will they share it with you?

5) Do they have testimonials from cleaning rail cars?

Meeting your Expectations

I’m a huge proponent of asking clients “what they expect to see that will make them happy” when we’ve completed a project.

Rail Car Cleaning Inspection

I love when clients are forthcoming about their expectations. Our guys are really passionate about showing off their work.  Climbing down into a freshly cleaned rail car is the best way to see the results.

Want to talk about your options for cleaning your rail cars?  No Problem – click here or call 800-842-9792.


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