We Hate Wastes

Truth is We Hate Waste.

We Hate Waste

You might be thinking – Advanced Waste Services. You’re a Waste company – you must love waste. Truth is we HATE waste. And we Hate it’s evil friend risk too.

Everyday, Everywhere we go we see too much of it.

What are we going to do about it? 

Our clients want to:

1) Sell more stuff

2) Take better care of their customers

3) and find new customers.

Waste and Risks are problems that get in the way – creates a gap.

So we Bridge the Gap – with a broad look at what these Wastes and Risks could be.

BridgeReality of Today

Wastes could be Profits, Revenue, Assets, Opportunities, Production.

And Risks could be Reputation, Inexperience, Regulations, Compliance.

Bottom line – its our responsibility to eliminate these Wastes and Risks for clients.

So clients can 1) Sell more stuff, 2) take better care of their customers and 3) get new customers.

A little about WHY I founded Advanced Waste Services. 

When I founded Advanced Waste Services in 1993, I was driving, dispatching, working with clients, billing.. just about everything. But I was very passionate about transforming the waste industry and soon we were creating amazing experiences for our clients.

Mike Malatesta Plant Tour

Today at Advanced Waste Services, I strive to grow our culture of providing memorable service and delivering promised results in everything we do:

We share common goals with our clients of waste minimization, industrial wastewater treatment, oil recycling, zero landfill and energy from waste.

We created this blog to help share those stories, experiences and why we believe in:

  • eliminating wastes and risks of all kinds.
  • transforming wastes into resources.
  • defining, tracking and achieving sustainability goals.

When you agree to partner with me and my team, I promise we will be professional, courteous and do what we say we are going to do.

20 years goes by fast. Here’s to the next 20.


Mike Malatesta

p.s. Know someone that hates Wastes and Risks too? Lets talk. 414-847-7100

Still want to know more? Ok this is cool – Environmental Stewardship.

Annually, we convert more than 300 million pounds of contaminated wastewater into new and valuable natural resources, including oil, water and energy.

In 2012, we made a partnership that resulted in millions of pounds of industrial waste converted into electricity, helping clients achieve zero landfill initiatives.


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