Helping manufacturers link profits to sustainability

Environmental SustainabilityI talked with our Founder and President, Mike Malatesta about environmental sustainability.

Its a conversation where you quickly appreciate how tricky sustainability is to adopt, interpret and master.  Yet, I’m grateful its the future for our businesses, our communities and our planet.

Narrative published in ACG Wisconsin | 11th edition 8.24.12

Over the last 20 years, I’ve lived through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial cycle, and I’ve learned the importance and impact that innovation and transformation bring.  Not just the impact on an organization, but also the impact on every person within an organization.

We think this is the reason that Advanced Waste Services ranks among the top 100 waste and recycling employers in North America.

We’ve been honored with innovation and growth awards annually since 2006, including six consecutive years of being named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America.

During our history we’ve acquired more than 12 businesses and integrated them all into Advanced Waste Services.  We believe our innovation, acquisition experience and unique market positioning are testament to our consistent growth represented by sales of $673,000 our first year to more than $39 million in 2011.

Advanced Waste Services

As we acquired businesses and listened to clients, we learned one of their greatest challenges was linking profitability to environmental sustainability.  Clients had goals of zero waste and zero landfill, but the path wasn’t clear.  So we developed a framework for clients to be environmentally sustainable and profitable through innovation.  It’s what we call our “earth conversation.”


What we learn from clients during an earth conversation is the foundation to achieving a client’s business goals, as well as goals for the client’s community and the environment.

Achieving client goals such as zero landfill and zero hazardous waste generation requires expertise.  So we’ve built five robust strategic business units led by industry experts – Waste Minimization and Fluid Reclamation, Get Rid of It Program (aka GRIP), Industrial Cleaning, Safety & Training and Spill Response.

Spill Response Always Ready

The people within these business units have delivered results for our clients that we are very proud of.  This year alone, we’ve helped clients divert more than 3.35 million pounds of industrial waste from landfills and recycled more than 25 million gallons of contaminated wastewater into clean, reusable resources. This is good for the environment, and it helps clients reduce disposal risks and costs.

Waste to Energy

Another example of our strength in recycling wastes and reducing disposal costs is our beneficial reuse program to help clients eliminate hazardous waste generation.

Beneficial Reuse of acids

Through beneficial reuse, we reuse at client’s spend sulphuric acid in our treatment process to remove contaminants from wastewater.  Clients have embraced this program because it reduces their disposal costs, reduces their generator status, diverts waste from landfills and helps purify a community’s wastewater.

Business owners, plant managers and senior executives have come to expect us to help them solve problems and achieve sustainability goals.  As the goals become more demanding, we’ve continued to innovate and develop new technologies to bridge the gap between their “green goals” and the reality of their current operations.

This year we invested almost $1 million into our Milwaukee facility to help our clients comply with stricter regulations for recycling oil wastewater and used oil.  This gives our clients peace of mind knowing they can focus on their business and we’ll focus on helping them remain sustainable and compliant.

Used Oil Recycling

During the next five to seven years, we plan to identify quality small firms with waste treatment and processing assets in select markets to create anchor points for our growth.  By modifying the acquired treatment assets to bring their automation, flexibility and efficiency up to desirable standards and integrating additional operations, we will continue to grow at 15 percent EBITDA and hope to reach $100 million in sales.

As America responds to the need for “Made in USA” manufacturing and businesses adopt zero waste/zero landfill initiatives we’ll be committed to helping people achieve their environmental goals. – Mike Malatesta

Advanced Waste Services is a privately help environmental services company that manages more than 1500 client waste and risk elimination strategies.  Over our 20 year history, we’ve invested in technologies that help clients transform their industrial waste into new and valuable natural resources.  Our exceptional track record of environmental compliance and safety enables us to give clients peace of mind and the assurance to trust AWS as a partner in achieving their sustainability goals. 

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