Labpack Services in Milwaukee WI

We recently helped with a remediation project, just outside of Milwaukee, at the manufacturing site of the closed Chrysler Engine Plant in Kenosha, WI.  It was a pretty large labpack project. There were a number of unmarked containers filled with waste that needed to be quickly analyzed and disposed or recycled.  A huge risk to the site’s owner.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Get Rid of It Program

It was a terrific project where we demonstrated our expertise in labpack services and transformed a waste (contaminated site) into a resource (property ready for re-development).

A Unique Labpack Service

Our clients rely on us to help them with labpack services in Milwaukee, but they were asking us to help Get Rid of stuff besides chemicals like flares and railroad ties.


So we decided to make our labpack services unique and easy for clients. We transformed our labpack services into the G.R.I.P program aka Get Rid of It Program.

What makes our Labpack services in Milwaukee unique is our ability to Get Rid of Anything, Any size and Any Amount.


“By transforming our labpack services into the Get Rid of It Program, we’ve been able to help clients solve all kinds of waste problems,” shares KC Wulf, Director of GRIP operations.

Quick Disposal and Recycling of Wastes

Any maintenance bay, chemical lab or manufacturer has old chemicals.  If its regulated material or waste the EPA has specific guidelines for recycling.

You ask yourself “How do I safely get rid of it?” Maybe its time to safely recycle those bottles of obsolete chemicals, drums of unmarked waste and totes of oxidizer.

When we talk with manufacturers they tell us one of the biggest frustrations and risks they have is the safe and quick disposal of hazardous and non hazardous waste in containers from 350 gallon totes to 55 gallon drums to small 2oz bottles.

Drums requiring hazardous waste disposal

“I’ve spent countless hours over my career helping clients with hazardous waste disposal options,” shares KC Wulf, AWS Director of G.R.I.P Operations.

Whatever “It” is, any amount, any size Advanced Waste Services can dispose and recycle hazardous, non hazardous and universal wastes properly and quickly.

The turnkey lab pack services aka G.R.I.P program includes onsite inventory, labeling, packing, transportation and options for disposal and/or recycling.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services labpack services in Milwaukee WI or GRIP program visit our website or contact us at 800-842-9792.


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