Reinvent your spill contingency plan with 3 questions

The ultimate goal of your spill contingency plan is to eliminate your liability exposure.

Now liability exposure is based upon environmental laws that define who the spill generator is and what the generator is responsible to pay for.

By law, the spill generator is responsible to pay:

  • All damages and costs related to environmental impairment and waste disposal
  • Property damage and bodily injury arising from the spill
  • Fines and penalties for failing to comply with reporting regulations

The best way to limit your liability and contain your costs related to a spill is to be well prepared to respond quickly to clean it up and report it to the right agencies in the time required.

Here are 3 questions to help you Re-Invent your spill contingency plan.

1) Do you know when the definition of legally responsible party pertains to your company  under environmental and spill liability laws?

2) Does your spill contingency plan have documentation guidelines to avoid being drawn into a pre-existing contamination problem?

3) Do your truck drivers and transportation partners understand their responsibility if a spill should occur while hauling your waste or regulated materials?

Would you like more help? Contact Advanced Waste online or phone 800-842-9792.

For nearly 20 years, Advanced Waste Services has been a leading spill management and environmental resource for manufacturing and commercial clients in the Midwest. 


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