7 Reasons Why Cheese Manufacturers Choose Anaerobic Digesters

Wisconsin Cheese manufacturers are passionate people. They care about the people who enjoy their cheese, the farmers they get milk from and even the cows that produce it.

Cheese is a perfect pairing to enrich our lives.

It is this passion to enrich our lives, that cheese manufacturers choose anaerobic digesters to create energy from their “cheese production waste”.  Its a powerful way to Re-Invent their sustainability story.

Here’s 7 reasons why:

1. Anaerobic digesters convert “cheese waste” into a methane rich biogas used to fuel electricity-generating turbines. This replaces our need to use fossil fuels to generate electricity.

2. Reduces costs of “cleaning” the waste generated from cheese production. No pre-treatment or “cleaning” required before the waste enters the anaerobic digester.

3. COD removal of greater than 98% reduces costs of wastewater discharge to sanitary sewer.  COD in wastewater increases treatment costs, so less COD means lower costs.

4. Nutrient rich material can be recovered from an anaerobic digester and used as fertilizer.

5. Odor Free.

6. Absolute process reliability.  Proven technology. 

7. In some cases no start-up or onsite build costs for cheese manufacturers.

In Milwaukee, the Potawatomi tribe is building an anaerobic digester because they believe it is important to “heal and protect the earth by producing green energy.”

Advanced Waste Services |  800-842-9792 | Re-Invent Your Sustainability Story



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