How does anaerobic digestion work to enhance sustainability?

Anaerobic digestion is a process that uses bacteria to break down organic material, such as industrial food waste, into biogas. This biogas is used to power turbines that generate electricity.

Many food and beverage manufacturers have adopted sustainability goals to achieve zero landfill. These green initiatives would be incredibly costly and challenging without anaerobic digestion.

Food and beverage manufacturers value anaerobic digestion because they care about the environment – but also because they care about the sustainability of their company.

Sustainability is about eliminating wastes and risks of all kinds and anaerobic digestion does both.

Potawatomi Anaerobic Digester in Milwaukee, WI

The anaerobic digester in Milwaukee is a sustainable option to recycle food waste. It is good for Wisconsin businesses, our communities and the environment. [We visited the groundbreaking earlier this week].

  • Good for food and beverage businesses because the digester eliminates business risks.  Fixed, predictable long-term pricing with no season or weather issues.
  • Good for communities because the digester eliminates community risks.  No smells, truck traffic into rural areas, land management, or runoff issues.  Best of all it creates value from waste.
  • Good for the environment because it eliminates environmental risks.  Mitigates run off into streams, groundwater contamination, overspreading on farms, and air pollution.  The anaerobic digestion process is one of the best ways to make renewable energy.

To learn if your food waste could by recycled into clean, green, renewable energy in the anaerobic digester in Milwaukee, WI contact us online or call us at 800-842-9792.



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