How to Reduce Hazardous Waste Spill Cleanup Costs

Every company at risk for an accidental spill, is usually required to have a Spill Contingency Plan. A well designed plan reduces response time, in turn reducing the environmental impact. But the area frequently ignored in Spill Contingency Plans is the process of invoice auditing.

Invoice Auditing

“If you are in the process of Re-Inventing your EH&S program because of a recent incident, don’t overlook your Spill Contingency Plan,” shares Mike Lamb, Advanced Waste Services Technical Manager.

Documentation – receipts and work logs. First responders and public service agencies including fire and police departments frequently request reimbursement from spill generators. However, not all the charges on the invoices are reasonable or reimbursable.   Spill generators should request receipts and work logs for uncharacteristic line items.

Scope of Work – Review the invoices and confirm the roles of the responding agencies. Check the scope of work performed to see if it aligns with services actually performed.

Oily Water Trench Pump Out

Administrative Overhead costs – Line items that are not directly correlated to the response such as admin overhead costs are usually not reimbursable.

Advanced Waste Services can make a difference in your spill preparedness, while minimizing your costs and liability. You can actually create a spill contingency plan on our website, click here to get started.

For nearly 20 years, Advanced Waste Services has been a leading spill management and environmental resource for manufacturing and commercial clients.

To learn more Advanced Waste Services helping your reduce spill clean up costs visit our website or call us at 800-842-9792.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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