Could being Water Neutral grow your profits?

As a manufacturer of chemicals, industrial products or food and beverage you use water – maybe even a lot of water.

You might use water as raw material in chemicals, or as part of a metals cleaning process or as part of dairy tank washout.

To grow your profitability you might adopt a water stewardship program to reduce and conserve the water you use.  You might even share this in your sustainability story to grow sales.

But eventually you reach a point where you can’t reduce water usage anymore.  This could be your opportunity to become Water Neutral. Where you give back clean water equal to the amount you made dirty / used.

The question that arises is not how to become Water Neutral – but who will be first to set Water Neutral as the new standard in Water Stewardship.

A Water Neutral company is a powerful sustainability story that is compelling and worth spreading and marketing.

3 Steps to becoming Water Neutral

1) Reduce your water

2) Offset the water you can’t reduce

3) Reclaim the water from your wastewater.

I believe we can do this – but I’m not alone. Here is another company leading the charge – H2O Score

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services wastewater treatment facilities visit our website or call us at 800-842-9792.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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