What is the anaerobic digester in Milwaukee?

The anaerobic digester in Milwaukee, Wisconsin creates clean, green, renewable energy from food and beverage waste.

Where is the anaerobic digester in Milwaukee located?

The facility is built in the Menomonee Valley, South of Canal Street near Potawatomi Bingo & Casino.  The ground breaking took place in late 2012 and operations started Oct 2013.

Why is the anaerobic digester good for Milwaukee and businesses?

  • Good for food and beverage businesses – fixed, predictable long term pricing for recycling food and beverage waste – no seasonal or weather issues typically found with land applying.
  • Good for the community – eliminates community risks – No smells, no truck traffic into rural areas, no land management or water run off issues.
  • Good for the environment – eliminates environmental risks – Mitigates run off into streams, groundwater contamination, overspreading on farms and air pollution.

How does the anaerobic digester work? 

The anaerobic digester converts the organic matter from food and beverage wastes into a methane-rich biogas.

The complex membrane system effectively eliminates the BOD by 95-99%.

During a tour of the Potawatomi food waste recycling facility we explore the complex membrane filtration system.  This system effectively eliminates BOD material by 95-99%.

The biogas fuels two turbines that generate up to 2 Megawatts of clean, green renewable electricity per day.  The electricity is sold back to WE energies, helping to offset the $18 million construction cost of the facility.

Biogas engines.

The engines operate just under 2000 rpm. As more biogas is fueled to the engines, the rpm stays the same, but increases the load – resulting in more electricity being generated.

How will this grow sales and profits for food and beverage manufacturers? 

Businesses that share a common goal with their customers of “being green” and “environmentally sustainable” recognize the food waste recycling program at the anaerobic digester facility in Milwaukee as a powerful sustainability story.

Milwaukee’s FaB is regional food and beverage professional network.  FaB is promoting Milwaukee as the ideal location for food and beverage manufacturers to start or relocate operations.  This state-of-the-art food waste recycling facility is a major attractant for food and beverage companies focused on sustainability.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services waste to energy and food waste recycling program visit our website or call us at 800-842-9792.

Advanced Waste Services | 800-842-9792


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