Food Waste into Electricity – ReInvent your sustainability story

Food and beverage manufacturers with sustainability stories of recycling food waste into electricity tell a powerful sustainability story.

And that powerful story translates in sales and profits growth because it aligns with the business goals of like-minded, sustainability oriented customers.   By transforming your food waste into clean, green and renewable electricity you are doing something good for your business, your community and the environment.

ReInvent your sustainability story

People and businesses want to know a company’s sustainability story – where the ingredients come from, the processes and the environmental impacts of production.  People are making purchasing decisions based upon your story.

Currently, many food and beverage manufacturers spread their food waste on farm fields – aka land applying.  This option poses risks to people and the environment because it is dependent on weather and season, it emits odor and has the potential to pollute rivers and waterways.

Your sustainability story should be worth sharing

The Potawatomi anaerobic digester is the solution food and beverage manufacturers have been waiting for to eliminate the risks of land applying food waste. It is not dependent on the weather or the season, it is not odor emitting or water polluting and, best of all, it creates value from waste.

It is the sustainable solution food and beverage manufacturers need for a brand-elevating, market differentiating sustainability story.

To learn more about Advanced Waste Services Food Waste Recycling visit our website or call us at 800-842-9792.

Quick Review:

1) How does your sustainability story help you grow sales and profits?

2) How would recycling your food waste into electricity enhance your story?your profits?

3) How would your clients view your organization if you enhanced your sustainability?


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