Advanced Waste Services Awarded Contract for Potawatomi Food Recycling

Milwaukee, WI (Sept 5, 2012) The Forest County Potawatomi Community of Wisconsin has awarded Advanced Waste Services with an exclusive agreement to secure a consistent inflow of feedstock material for the tribe’s recently announced liquid food waste recycling facility.

The facility, known as FCPC Renewable Energy, is set to break ground soon and commence operations in August 2013.  Using a proprietary high flow anaerobic digestion technology, the FCPC plant will convert an average of 125,000 gallons/day of liquid organic feedstock waste into electricity that will be sold to WE Energies.

The feedstock will be mostly comprised of food, beverage and animal liquid wastes with high COD (chemical oxygen demand) content.  COD is a measurement of all organic matter in the waste.  The waste will be broken down by the digester’s microorganisms creating a methane gas that will be burned in an engine designed to make up to 2 megawatts of clean, green and renewable electricity.

“This agreement allows Advanced Waste Services to help food and beverage manufacturers within Wisconsin enhance and achieve their sustainability goals,” says Joe Pawlak, VP of Sales for Advanced Waste Services, Inc. “This also positions Wisconsin food and beverage manufacturers as leaders in sustainability.  Our focus in transforming wastes into resources is very important to this business sector.”

FCPC Renewable Energy’s anaerobic digester is shifting the traditional business growth model for food and beverage manufacturers in Wisconsin.  These manufacturers recognize they need to adopt environmentally sustainable solutions to grow sales and margins.  The FCPC project gives Wisconsin food and beverage manufacturers a new sustainable option that is not dependent on the weather or the season; it is not odor emitting or water polluting and, best of all, creates value from waste.

Contact Joe Pawlak at Advanced Waste Services 1-800-842-9792 to participate in the digester food recycling program.


4 thoughts on “Advanced Waste Services Awarded Contract for Potawatomi Food Recycling

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