Why Sustainability needs to be a Priority for Your Business

When you first built your business model, your clients and consumers weren’t expecting you to help them achieve environmental sustainability.   Now, they expect you to help.  They want to see your sustainability goals in water stewardship, oil recycling, energy from waste and landfill diversion.

If you continue on a business model that doesn’t include your plan to enhance environmental sustainability, you are really saying you don’t care about clients that care about the environment.

Your business model needs to care about the environment.  It needs to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability so you may continue to serve existing clients and earn the opportunity to serve new clients.

Here is how you can make sustainability a priority for your business.

Share why it’s good for your clients

The culture of a strong and successful business is built on creating memorable client experiences that differentiate a company from all competitors.  Environmental sustainability, when linked to your client’s goals, is the new differentiator.  It’s the new measure of client loyalty.  But its not obvious to your clients.

You need to tell clients why your environmental sustainability goals are good for them – better yet, you also need to show them.

Deliver your sustainability goals in a powerful way.  Show your clients how it will help them achieve their business/personal, community and environmental goals.

Share why it’s good for your employees

Empower your employees with an understanding of environmental sustainability and the impact it has on their career aspirations.

Employees that understand how sustainability enhances their career and community will be advocates for your sustainability program.

People want to help other people, they want to be part of something that makes a difference and they want to be able to tell a story that people can participate in.

Educate your employees to be able to tell your sustainability story.

Share why it’s good for your company

Environmental sustainability is good for your company because it ensures economic prosperity to continue “giving back” to the community and environment.

Sharing why its good for your company catapults your business into being an environmental steward.  It builds trust with your stakeholders – they need to be proud to talk about your sustainability purpose, statement and story.

Your stakeholders need to feel good, talking about your sustainability goals and achievements.  Be on a mission of recognition for your efforts. If you are making a significant contribution to enhancing the environment – people need to know – but not because you want a “pat on the back.”

You want recognition so you can help other people – join your cause to make a difference and tell your story so people know how to participate.

Quick Review

1) Why are your sustainability goals good for your clients? employees? company?

2) How can you tell your sustainability story to encourage participation?

3) What is your first step in making sustainability a priority?

To learn more about achieving sustainability goals visit our website, ask us a question below or call us at 800-842-9792. 


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