4 Tenets of Sustainability

The challenge with sustainability is it can be difficult to measure.  If you don’t have a way to measure it, you’ll likely create an aspirational sustainability statement – no grit, no teeth, no accountability.

4 Tenets of Sustainability

And sometimes thats the reason companies choose aspirational statements – its easy to choose statements that you don’t have to measure.

But for those who are courageous to be accountable, I’d recommend starting with these to make a strong environmental stewardship statement:

4 Tenets of Sustainability

  1. Gallons of Water Purified
  2. Gallons of Oil reclaimed
  3. Energy generated from waste
  4. Pounds of material diverted from landfills

Want to explore how you can track this? Contact us online or 800-842-9792.


2 thoughts on “4 Tenets of Sustainability

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