AWS expands oil recycling in Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio / July 2, 2012 — Today, Advanced Waste Services announced the acquisition of Recycling & Treatment Technologies of Ohio (RTT-OH).

Since its 2008 inception, RTT-OH has been one of the leading oil recycling facilities in the state.  This acquisition will allow the RTT-OH parent company, Magnus International Group, to increasingly focus operations on natural feed ingredients and waxes.

“Transitioning the oil recycling business to AWS will ensure that RTT-OH clients continue to receive the best service and resources available to the industry,” says Scott Forster, Magnus’ vice president and COO.

AWS will support the Ohio and Pennsylvania market with its state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant, strategically located in New Castle, PA.  Built in 2009 the facility is one of five plants AWS owns and operates in the Midwest. The facility is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for residual waste processing, oil processing and solidification.

“We’re grateful for the RTT business past, present and future, and are confident that Advanced Waste will provide the continued service excellence and peace of mind that our customers deserve,” says Eric Lofquist, Magnus’ president and CEO.

“This is a terrific opportunity for us to continue helping RTT-OH clients recycle petroleum emulsions and oily wastewater,” says Mike Malatesta, president and founder of AWS.  “We’ve already started contacting clients to begin having earth conversations and discuss their sustainability goals.”

AWS started having Earth Conversations to discuss a client’s goals as its relates to the business, community and environment. The objective is to help clients bridge the gap from where they want to be and the reality of where they find themselves today.

The Earth Conversation approach holistically addresses the hazardous and non-hazardous waste reduction and elimination needs of its customers with optimum efficiency and minimum risk.

“Clients will benefit from the expanded services and superior technologies that Advanced offers,” adds Forster.


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